This Month's Charity: 


Bill, Dave and Ian are entering into the miniature golf tournament. We hope to bring a big shiny trophy back to the office,but we're even more excited to be supporting so many different local non-profits at one amazing event. We hope to see you there!

You are invited to something inspiring, something new, and something fun! Join us in the roof-top launch at Ponce City Market. The Kyle Korver Foundation, Plywood People, and Ponce City Market are joining together to raise funds for their causes, plus 15 other local non-profits. Announcing the launch of…Putt!Putt!Putt! Birdies, Eagles and Hawks. Mulligans. Musicians. Tastings. Comedians. Classic carnival games, hole-in-one contests, skyline selfies, big wins and epic fails. Three organizations, one of the greatest three point shooters, and even a three story slide (yes, its true - its on the roof). This night will be three times the fun of anything else you could be doing on a Sunday night and all "fore" Atlanta. We need your help to make it happen. From $3 gifts to $13,333 sponsors - every level of giving will bring great hope and perks to this campaign. There are a limited amount of people that we can allow on the roof and we want to sell it out, so confirm your level of contribution by giving to our 33 day and $100,000 generosity campaign at any level now.



The Kyle Korver Foundation began literally on the streets working with city kids. Meeting with children in the projects, it became clear that bleak urban statistics are nameless, faceless numbers that do not tell the whole story. The KKF believes that a grassroots individualistic approach is the way to enact change; one child, one family, one class, one school, one neighborhood, one city. The hope is to bring systemic poverty alleviation.



Plywood People is a non-profit in Atlanta leading a community of start-ups doing good. We exist to help our community make problems go away that impact our culture, the hurting, poor, oppressed, and under- resourced people. In the last three years alone, Plywood has mentored the leaders of nearly 200 organizations that are addressing needs in our community aross a spectrum of topics including: human exploitation, job training, education, refugee services, community development, environmental sustainability, poverty, homelessness, and many more.



Ponce City Market and the Jamestown Charitable Foundation support nonprofits that make our cities more desirable places to live and work. Our areas of focus are sustainable and local food movements, parks and green spaces, alternative transportation, and design.