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Quality Fabricators¨ Heavy Duty Garment Z-Rack : Double Rail - 3' Base x 6' Uprights


The perfect fit is here - clothes racks come in petite sizes too!

Thank goodness not everything is supersized; you can still find a fit for smaller clothes rack needs. This three foot double-rail Z-rack, a clothes rack on wheels, is able to withstand just as much heavy use as its larger counterparts, but still fits easily into smaller spaces. The uprights still extend to a full six feet, providing a good amount of hanging space - a solution that's both short and sweet.

Colors: Black, White, Silver * Dimensions: 36"W x 23"W x 79"H * Capacity: 500lbs *

Customer Reviews

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It is very sturdy! I cannot put enough on it to till over !

Drew P.
Top Quality

So satisfied, that I ordered a second as soon as I’d finished assembling the first.

Only weak point: the instructions could use some more details. I’m not the most handy and mechanical of people, so had to go through more trial and error than would probably be necessary had I had more layman-oriented instructions.

Joy Flick
3’ X 6’ Double Rack Z-Bar Garment rack ROCKS!

I purchased a less expensive garment rack from Walmart and it, literally, fell over twice. Don’t waste your time or money buying any other garment rack besides this one from ClothesRacks. When they claim it can hold up to 500 pounds, they aren’t kidding! I bought mine for a winter to summer hook-up in my closet. Mine is, currently, loaded with heavy sweaters and winter clothes, and is far from being unstable due to the weight. I assembled it by myself in less than 15 minutes. (It took me an hour to assemble the cheap one from Walmart, and there were defects in the parts.) You get what you pay for. I would never buy any other garment rack besides the quality, industrial strength, super strong one I bought from ClothesRacks.com. The wheels are very strong 5” thick, and all of the parts are solid steel and industrial strength. It rolls easily and holds a ton of clothes. I love it! I couldn’t believe how fast it was delivered, either. I HIGHLY recommend this awesome product. I’d give it a 20 star rating, if I could! Thank you, ClothesRacks.com for building a great, quality, reasonably priced product. I’m more than happy to review this great item!