Adjustable 2 Way Cross Bar Rack

Adjustable 2 Way Cross Bar Rack
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Adjustable 2 Way Cross Bar Rack


Packing Weight: 35 lbs * Carton Dimensions: 43.25" x 9.5" x 3.25" Adjusts from 44" - 72" H Base: 21" W x 21" D13" Faceouts. Also Available in a Non-Adjustable Version Lock Knob Makes Adjustments Quick and Simple Easy Assembly Anthracite Grey Finis 2" Casters - 2 Locking, 2 Non-Locking Imported

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Very happy with purchase and impressed with simple-but-clever engineering details of rack adjusting component, especially:) Highly recommend product and company.
I purchased Item #126462 (Adjustable 2-Way Cross Bar Rack) on 7/10/17. It shipped (free) on the 11th and received on the 13th -- just as promised. The service/quality didn't end there.

I'm a person that pays attention to and appreciates detail. I can vouch this is a very high quality item. A member of the sales team said it will hold up to 300 lbs. I believe! This is real pipe and great for the current industrial/farmhouse decor. The couplings seem to be of the same, heavy gauge you'd find in any plumbing department. The pipe is also a hefty gauge, but seems to be a tad bit thinner than good old-fashioned, galvanized pipe. Never the less, it's definitely not chintzy, thin-wall WalMart stuff!

I was thinking of building a similar rack. But, unless you're better than I am at finding the components locally or on the internet, some of the parts just can't be found. Fabricating my own special coupling (the one with the cross handle) would be time consuming and next to impossible (and/or expensive) since special tools would need to be purchased (or pay a machine shop to do the work) -- well exceeding the price I paid for this little gem of a rack! Finding old cross handles would be the easier task, lol!

Speaking of cross handles, this is the part that really attracted me to this rack, making it so charming. The "couplings" they screw into are engineered cleverly simplistic and (if thinking about making this yourself) I highly doubt you'd ever find them. (As you tighten the cross handle, it pushes an inner "clamp" working in conjunction with the set screws on the outside.) In addition, one opening of the coupling is "reduced" for the smaller diameter, upper tube to slide down in so there is no "slop" or awkward-looking gap.

I was also impressed with the quality of the casters and how they fit into the "elbows." You can find regular, reducing elbows off the shelf, but to fabricate the bottom is a different story. The casters thread into the bottom -- they just don't slip into a hole. A locking washer secures each caster (smooth, ball bearing swivel action). AND, the two tools needed for the entire assembly job are SENT WITH the product! Now, how cool is that????

I was missing a page(s) of instructions, but when I contacted Clothes Racks, they promised me an email of it pronto. It was super easy and quick to put together for me, but I just wanted to make sure I had done everything properly (especially the order of lock washer/washer or washer/lock washer on the caster stem, lol!).

One thing I may do differently (and I will have to disassemble to do so) is add a drop of machine oil to the threads of the pipes before I screw them together. By doing so, it will make it easier to take apart someday and/or prevent rusting in that particular area (if there's a chance of rusting, such as being exposed to steam in a bathroom). This may be mentioned in the instructions, but I don't know since I just received the emailed instructions and haven't read through them yet. But, rest assured, the pipes are very well finished and of such high quality/thickness, even if rust would set in it'd take literally decades for the structural integrity to be affected.

Also, I think I'll have my DH make a custom wood shelf that rests on the bottom for a shelf for shoes or what have you. All it needs to be is a wide plank with just enough of a half-circle cut-out centered on each of the short edges to slip clear of the bottom "side tees."

Item is simply perfect for the application intended. I have a small bedroom with no closet. I loved the New York Closet Shelf with clothes rod Pottery Barn is offering (the 2' size). But, it wouldn't nearly be as strong (45 lb. weight capacity for the shelf) and I wasn't crazy about screwing something to my wall. This little rack can be positioned just right in my one corner -- and for relatively only a bit more money than the "to die for" Pottery Barn shelf.

It took me a long time on the internet to find (about three, long days shopping for just the right rack). The product/company seems buried in a google search. I think I actually -- out of frustration trying to find something I really liked, of quality, and was affordable -- googled "window display clothes racks" and eventually found this company and the rack I purchased. As they say . . . seek and ye shall find, lol!
Review by Sherrie / (Posted on 7/13/2017)