All Heavy Duty Clothes Racks

All of our heavy duty racks are made by Quality Fabricators® in the USA, with a 500-pound capacity and a lifetime warranty. We offer both the Z-Rack and the H-Rack, single rail, double rail, with or without shelves, different heights and widths. We are confident that we have the one for you. If you can't find what you are looking for call us and we can help you find the solution to your garment hanging, storage, and transport needs. We love to customize solutions for you.

Our heavy duty Z-Racks and H-Racks are great for holding sports, music, and fire equipment, as well as party supplies and heavy materials. Heavy duty valet racks will fit right into your college dorm and are also used by dry cleaners and alterations shops, costume shops, hair salons, and boutiques. Our soft rubber casters with TP center keep these heavy items transportable without breakage or leaving marks on the floor.