Each month ClothesRacks.com will support a different charity by donating 5% of our profits to their cause. We believe in supporting our community and nurturing those who are making the greatest social impact. We are grateful that we have customers that love our products and love what we do. We feel compelled to give back and to support others.


The charity of the month for April 2017 is: 


Feel Beautiful Today®, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation that was established in September of 2010. The organization partners with cancer centers and hospitals focused on providing "Integrative Oncology" -- an approach that looks at the whole patient; body, mind and spirit. FBT is staffed entirely by volunteers, which enables the organization to invest more than 90% of the donations received into fulfilling its mission. Since 2010, FBT has delivered more than 3,800 “Boxes of Love” to women and girls affected by cancer.


Fighting Cancer with Hope
Programs Offered:
All of our programs are provided free of charge to the patients and include all of the supplies needed to create their beautiful memories for hope. Feel Beautiful Today provides three distinct Arts in Health programs through its 15 beneficiaries-in-kind partner network: 
Volunteer-led Programs
Feel Beautiful Today, works directly with patients who are battling cancer and their caregivers by providing our events as workshops at local hospitals, cancer centers, cancer support groups, and rehab centers for patients and family members. Whether the patient is hospitalized or just waiting for treatment for the day, we can provide a little stress relief and a calm atmosphere where they can focus on creativity and beauty rather than their health concerns and situation.
Patient-initiated Programs
Created to address real problems in the healthcare industry – programs tailored specifically for cancer patients with their weaknesses and disabilities due to treatment in mind. These two patient-initiated programs provide creative activities such as coloring, painting, embellishment and writing to help relieve the boredom onset by lengthy hospital stays and provide an outlet for emotional release and exploration.
The need for patients to participate in creative activities without the help of facilitators became increasingly evident to FBT. With two hour windows of time and limited resources, many patients who wished to participate in FBT’s workshops could not. Those who did participate often asked when the program would be offered again.  Luna is our Arts in Health programs for kids and teens; a total, encompassing program that meets the multifaceted needs a patient possesses. 
Created by Feel Beautiful Today to recognize the warrior in every patient and provide a tangible memory as patients finish their radiation and chemotherapy treatments. It is the acknowledgment of strength, perseverance, and hope. 


Community Events
Boxes of Love is a program available to those wishing to share a smile and hope with women and children affected by cancer. This opportunity is given to everyone without regard to age, race, or nationality. Anyone with willing hands and an open heart can be part of a service project that gives back to our local community.  

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