Accessories carries "Industrial Quality" accessories including military strength steel grid Shelves, Rack Covers, Folding Bottom Shelves, Revolving Bumpers, Garment Bags, Steering Handles, and up to 1000lbs capacity Handling Carts.

PRODUCT & SATISFACTION GUARANTEE offers a 90-day full satisfaction purchase guarantee. We stand behind every one of our products.

Cover for Rolling Garment Rack
Protective covers for your garment rack.
Cover Supports
Supports for garment rack covers.
Top Shelf
Top shelves for rolling racks.
Bottom Shelf
Bottom shelf for rolling racks.
Upright extensions for your rack.
Additional hangrails for your rack.
Caster for Rolling Rack
Casters for your rolling rack.
Rack Bumpers
Protective bumpers for your garment rack on wheels.
Steering Handles
Steering handles for your rolling clothes rack.
Durable feet to replace your casters.